Andres Kwasinski, Ph. D.

This page is not maintained as frequently as it should. For my current webpage, please visit my site at RIT.

Welcome to my page

Iím an Electrical Engineer working in the areas of Communications and Digital Signal Processing (DSP). As a researcher, Iím interested in all the applications of Digital Signal Processing but, for the most part, I have focused on wireless multimedia communications. In this area, I am interested in topics such as multimedia wireless communications, cross layer designs (especially joint source-channel coding and resource allocation), user cooperative communications and speech and video processing for wireless communications. You can find a list of my publications (unfortunately too frequently out of date) in my resume page. Also, I have channelized my interest for DSP into the creation of The Digital Signal Processing Blog

  I got my Ph.D. (2004) and M.Sc. (2000) degrees, both in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the University of Maryland and I earned my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at the "Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires" (ITBA) in December 1992. You can learn more about my background in my resume page.

  I'm currently living in Greenbelt, Maryland with my wife and 2 daughters but my hometown is back in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I lived there until August 1998 when I moved to the USA to pursue graduate studies. In 1995 I got married to Mariela, who is a teacher of English. Victoria, our first daughter, was born in 2000 and Emma, our second daughter, was born in 2005.

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